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"The destiny of our land, the air we breathe, the water we drink is not in the mystical hands of an uncontrollable agent, it is in our hands. A future which brings the balancing of our resources--preserving quality with quantity--is a future limited only by the boundaries of our will to get the job done."
                             State of the Union Message on Natural Resources and the Environment, February 14th, 1973

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Current News

2017 - Year-To-Date Metrics
8,000+ on-site electronic UST compliance inspections were completed with the UST Inspector software from Jan- Oct this year! Over all 9,000+ including other inspections (UST install, UST closure, AST compliance, complaint, follow-up, delivery prohibition, etc...) in 7 different states in 4 different EPA regions.

Sept 2018 - Upcoming Conference
MobileWright will display the UST Inspector softwate at the 26th National Tanks Conference in Sept.  See MobileWright's "Benefits of Electronic Inspections" handout from presentation at the 2012 Tanks Conference or Watch the Demonstrations.

Dec 2015 - Presentation
MobileWright demonstrated the UST Inspector software at the NEIWPCC Tanks Workgroup Meeting. See MobileWright's "Benefits of Electronic Inspections" presentation
or request a demonstration for your UST program.

RI DEM Implementation
The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RI DEM) is live with the UST Inspector software. RI DEM is one of seven US state agencies that use the UST Inspector software. See RI DEM Tank Talk article.

MobileWright Solutions is a technology company that specializes in building mobile software systems that extend data into the field, synchronize with backend systems, and optimize on-site data collection.

Underground Storage Tank Inspection System

MobileWright has implemented on-site UST inspection tools for the states of New Hampshire, Connecticut, Idaho, North Carolina, South Carolina and the Virgin Islands.

MobileWright's "UST Inspector" software streamlines data entry and helps administrators and inspectors manage underground storage tank inspection data. This software can be customized to build a UST inspection application for any state, federal or tribal government agency.

Allow MobileWright to host your programs UST database and inspection tools. 

Utilize the UST Inspector tool, to gather data in the field. 

Easily track UST each facility's tanks, inspections and enforcement actions.

Utilize MobileWright's software and IT knowledge to add effiencies to your inspection processes

Share your technology investment with other federal, state, and municipal programs

Technical Consulting

MobileWright's knowledge of system architect and project management skills can help your IT team build robust and scalable .Net desktop, web and mobile solutions.

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