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"The mobile space is one of the most exciting new arenas for applications. When people develop applications today they want to have access on a mobile device for some of the information coming out of that application."
                             Bill Gates -
March 24, 2004, Microsoft Mobile Developers Conference 2004, San Francisco, California

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Current News

2017 - Year-To-Date Metrics
8,000+ on-site electronic UST compliance inspections were completed with the UST Inspector software from Jan- Oct this year! Over all 9,000+ including other inspections (UST install, UST closure, AST compliance, complaint, follow-up, delivery prohibition, etc...) in 7 different states in 4 different EPA regions.

Sept 2018 - Upcoming Conference
MobileWright will display the UST Inspector softwate at the 26th National Tanks Conference in Sept.  See MobileWright's "Benefits of Electronic Inspections" handout from presentation at the 2012 Tanks Conference or Watch the Demonstrations.

Dec 2015 - Presentation
MobileWright demonstrated the UST Inspector software at the NEIWPCC Tanks Workgroup Meeting. See MobileWright's "Benefits of Electronic Inspections" presentation
or request a demonstration for your UST program.

RI DEM Implementation
The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RI DEM) is live with the UST Inspector software. RI DEM is one of seven US state agencies that use the UST Inspector software. See RI DEM Tank Talk article.

MobileWright Solutions - Information Technology Business Development

MobileWright understand that some companies may have the resources to do the work they need but may not be up to date with the latest technology trends.  We pride ourselves on being first comers to new proven technologies so we can offer our customers the best value and life of their IT investment.  We have helped direct many start up and small companies in their technology needs.  As well as assisted many large established companies in taking advantage of new technologies to replace legacy systems.  With our co-development methodology we will help you understand the benefits of going to a new technology and help mentor your existing employees in these new technologies.  We also understand that finding the right resources is a challenge so through our networks and partnerships with staffing companies we can help you find the right full or part-time resources for your technology initiative.


Ø      Technical leadership and mentoring

Ø      Technical business development

Ø      Consulting services

Ø      System architecture

Ø      Oracle and Microsoft  database schema design

Ø      Systems integration

MobileWright Solutions - Custom Development

MobileWright has experience in building economical robust solutions for real world applications. Our custom development experience spans many industries.  We have architected and delivered applications for banks, student lending organizations, telecommunication provisioning companies and Insurance companies.  We have also integrated our handheld solutions with many backend systems as well as developed custom solutions for CRM and reporting on data.


Ø      .Net Application architecture and development

Ø      Website architecture and development

Ø      Web Service development and deployment

Ø      Secure data transmission

Ø      Oracle and Microsoft  database design and development

Ø      Oracle and Microsoft backend integration

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