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"93,846 on-site inspections at federally-regulated UST facilities were conducted between October 2015 and September 2016"
                             Semiannual Report Of UST Performance Measures - End Of Fiscal Year 2016

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Current News

2017 - Year-To-Date Metrics
8,000+ on-site electronic UST compliance inspections were completed with the UST Inspector software from Jan- Oct this year! Over all 9,000+ including other inspections (UST install, UST closure, AST compliance, complaint, follow-up, delivery prohibition, etc...) in 7 different states in 4 different EPA regions.

Sept 2018 - Upcoming Conference
MobileWright will display the UST Inspector softwate at the 26th National Tanks Conference in Sept.  See MobileWright's "Benefits of Electronic Inspections" handout from presentation at the 2012 Tanks Conference or Watch the Demonstrations.

Dec 2015 - Presentation
MobileWright demonstrated the UST Inspector software at the NEIWPCC Tanks Workgroup Meeting. See MobileWright's "Benefits of Electronic Inspections" presentation
or request a demonstration for your UST program.

RI DEM Implementation
The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RI DEM) is live with the UST Inspector software. RI DEM is one of seven US state agencies that use the UST Inspector software. See RI DEM Tank Talk article.


In the summer of 2016, MobileWright will begin offering the software to all UST programs.

The initial goal is to serve the UST programs that are without a facility registration database. The system will allow inspection programs that don’t have a lot of inspectors (tribal, municipal, etc…) or perform few inspections (like some EPA regions and maybe even small retailers). will provide a high quality low cost UST inspection system for federal, state, municipal and commerical UST programs.


Allowing MobileWright host the UST Inspector tablet software and UST facility database for your UST program will allow you to: 

  • Utilize all the of the UST Inspector software like mobile data entry, on-site printing, GPS coordinate capture, site diagraming and other features without the headaches of managing a UST database
  • Utilize a simple intuitive website for managing UST facility data, reviewing inspection results, and tracking enforcement activity
  • Benefit from the software that is already in use in many state inspection programs.  State programs in New Hampshire, Connecticut, Idaho, North Carolina, the Virgin Islands, South Carolina, and Rhode Island have contributed to creating, enhancing, and optimizing the UST inspector software
  • Share development costs with other UST programs
  • Contribute your knowledge of UST regulations, UST systems, and UST inspections to improve the software

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